The European Institute of Arts (EIA) is among one of the world's first e-learning institutes entirely dedicated to the arts. Its innovative programs are designed by educators, cultural managers, and advanced professionals specialised in some of the world's most prestigious institutes - Harvard Graduate School of Education, University of Glasgow, and University of Oxford -
among others.
The EIA is moreover among one of the world's first online institutes free for candidates from disadvantaged minorities.

Professional Certificates
Professional Certificates

(€ 35,00)

The Professional Certificates are self-paced, professionalizing programs providing both theoretical and practical skills on a given topic or area of expertise.


(€ 100,00)

Candidates completing an allotted number of Professional Certificates (3) receive a Diploma - a multidisciplinary, professional qualification.

Executive Diplomas

(€ 150,00)

Candidates completing an allotted number of Professional Certificates (3) and a supervised, personal final project receive an Executive Diploma - a competitive, advanced, and recognised qualification.


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Crypto Art Expert?


Crypto Art:

Visuals, Business, Laws

among the first internationally

€ 150,00

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Giosuè Prezioso, PhD C./MSc


Giosuè is a PhD at the University of Reading, UK. He specialized in Advanced Education Leadership at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and received a Master of Science in Art, Law, and Business from Christie's London - the world's leading art business.

Giosuè held lectures, courses, and workshops at prestigious international institutes, such as John Cabot University, Rome Business School, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, and the Italian Parliament - among others.

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