This Diploma condenses the three Professional Certificates in Crypto and Digital Arts: History, Aesthetics, and Trends; Business and Entrepreneurship; Laws and Ethics. It includes an end-of-course project supervised by EIA Faculty members.

Course Description

This Executive Diploma is designed to provide a multidisciplinary learning and professionalizing experience in the revolutionizing worlds of digital and crypto arts. As a Diploma condensing the three Professional Certificates in ‘History, Aesthetics, and Trends,’ ‘Business and Entrepreneurship.’ and ‘Laws and Ethics’courses, candidates will receive a rounded, complementary, and competitive preparation in the field. 
Upon completion of the program, candidates will have acquired unique, competitive, and advanced skills to participate in one of the world’s most promising and potent cultural-economic revolutions.
As an Executive curriculum, candidates will complete an individual, final project that condenses all the art historical, critical, comparative, business, legal, and ethical skills acquired throughout the courses. Specifically, they will professionally select, describe, formalize, evaluate, launch, and present a crypto artwork delivering an advanced, highly professionalizing and competitive project that will finalize their Executive, learning experience.